You awaken to dark clouds racing high in the tortured sky. They move quickly and seem to carry with them signs of a coming storm. Your body aches horribly, it feels broken, battered, and bruised. All around you is the scent of death and decay, the rotting stench of bodies. There is the sound of the wind and of flies that seem to swarm around you. As you begin to move you can feel the pain stab through you like steel in your spine. You begin to look around and notice there are bodies all around you. You find yourself laying in the midst of dozens of humans, mongru, and eldrynn. For a moment it seems that a few of them are watching you, yet you realize that you are simply in the path of their empty stares. As you slowly regain your strength, you pull yourself from the vile remains of these unfortunate souls. There are so many dead and for a moment you believe that you are the only one of them alive. It is at that moment you notice another moving amidst the remains. It seems there are others awakening with you in the same predicament. For miles in every direction you see nothing but an endless wasteland of garbage, piles of concrete, steel, and rebar. You can not remember how you got here or what has happened to you in your recent past. You realize though that you are lucky to be alive.

Chaos 6010 A.D.